Kerstin Persson


född/date of birth: 2016 05 07

HD A   ED 1
PRA I och II Hereditärt fri

Utställning Cert, BIR

POETRY'S SUNROSE 6 månader 1 HP puppy 2, 2 Bästa tikvalp


 Whoopi's Groggy´n   

NOUCH SEUuCH Kephles Keep In Touch

SEUuCH NOUCH NORDV-03 Erinderry Gaerlic Ministrel

NOUCH Kephles Helt Herlig

Whoopi's Ups And Downs

NOUCH Goldstep Browning European

Inassicas Sea Mayweed

 SEU(u)CH Poetry´s Soleil

Abinvale Traguardo

GBSHCH Shardanell Talk Of The Town

Gunhills Blue Secret At Abinvale

SUuCH Poetry's Springtime Queen

SUuCH NUCH NORDV-07 Inassicas Broom

Poetry's Queen Of May