Kerstin Persson

3 juli 2011




född/date of birth: 2009-06-14



exc 1 ukk CK 3 bästa hane R-CERT R-CACIB SKK Domare Wera H

exc 1 ukk CK 4 bästa hane R-CERT SSRK Domare Nils Mohlin


2:a-pris Lkl 1, 155 p

äg. Kristina Nieminen


Endicotts Cabarello SEUuCH Gatchells Prince Of Thieves GBSHCH Goldenquest Ambassador
GBSHCH Gatchells Royal Orchid
Endicotts Newtonabbey Inassicas Sea Chanter
Tyrol Patricia
Poetry's All That Jazz SEUuCH NO UCH NORDV-07 Inassicas Broom SEUuCH NO UCH Cheers Way of The World
Inassicas Thimble Rose
Poetry's Jazz In January Rossmix Depend On Me
Cremetoffees Gingery Gipsy Georgia