Kerstin Persson



född: 28-02-16

äg. Linda Henriksson

BIS-2 valp GRK Rottneros


Jackralee Sugar Cane Styal Sugar Daddy At Fenwood GBSHCH Perrimay Hugo Of Fenwood
Styal Sabathila
Jackralee Monteray GBSHCH Marjamez Midnight Cowboy At Westerv
Jackralee Mistletoe
SUuCh Poetry's Springtime Queen SUuCH NUCH NORDV-07 Inassicas Broom SUuCH NUCH Cheers Way Of The World
Inassicas Thimble Rose
Poetry's Queen Of May LPI Goldenlines Forever My Choice
Cremetoffees Gingery Gipsy Georgia