Kerstin Persson

20 månader

född/date of birth: 2010-05-26
HD: B, ED: 0 ögon ua
Hips B, elbows & eyes clear
utställning/show: exc 1 jukk CK
Kieron Of The Hellacious Acres GBSHCH Erinderry Just The Ticket From Bluewater IESHCH GBSHCH Gunhills Blue River
GBSHCH Erinderry Fiorebird
Jaquetta Of The Hellaciuos Acres INTCH Paudell Pure Passion
Victoria Of The Hellaciuos Acres
Poetry's Mynta Guess Nashville Chaveni's Weillington
SEUuCH Guess Money For Nothing
Poetry's Moonflower SEUuCH NOUCH Inassicas Broom
Graceline's Cry For The Moon